Autumn Attire

As autumn is officially here, one emerges into the turtle neck season. I am a huge fan of the turtle neck, not only does it look sophisticated, it also keeps you warm! A win, win situation. Mine is from #Zara and works with absolutely everything I throw it together with. A recent trip to Brussels was the prime opportunity for me to work my autumn look.

IMG_3395I very rarely stray away from all black, but this skirt worked perfectly to break up the block of black. It is a style steal from #Primark and the wool texture allows a feminine approach to the colder seasons. Now lets move onto my boots, they by far, make this outfit! They are from #Boohoo and are honestly incredible. I’m a size 4 (yes I have tiny feet) yet they fit both my feet and legs perfectly!


This autumn is made for suede and these boots are a great addition to any outfit. Combined with black jeans and your legs will match those of a supermodel. Put together with a skirt, as I have here, and you can see the wondrous detail of the boots.


Annie Shah x

Instagram: annieshah01


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