The Coral Comeback

Coral has been trending this autumn with luxury labels, such as, Hugo Boss. It is an extremely versatile colour as it suits all skin tones, especially deeper skin tones. As can be seen from the photo below, taken from the Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter Catwalk 2015/16, coral should never be the colour of your entire outfit. This is because small, sharp bursts of the colour help to capture the vibrancy amongst light layering. This month is totally about ‘light layering’, save the faux fur for November and December.

As mentioned in my previous post, I very rarely stray away from all black so can we please appreciate the amount of colour in this blog post. My coral trousers are from #Zara and can be teamed with both heels and flats. They are very structured so work well combined with looser flowing style tops and jackets. My heels are also from #Zara and although they look beautiful, hobbling over the cobbled streets of an old town in Brussels, did provide an adventurous task in itself! My shirt is from #NewLook and is perfect for that smart-casual look I adore!

Annie Shah x

Instagram: annieshah01



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