My Skincare Routine ft. Cellcosmet

Everyone identifies with good skincare. I have realised the importance of a disciplined skin care routine. Investing in luxury products for your skin are quite simple a necessity. A good base is a good start. In my opinion, make-up is an extension of a good skincare regime. Your make up will look flawless if you have clear, healthy and glowing skin! So I thought I would share my skin care routine with you below:


Pollution as well as living fast paced lives can contribute severely to the clarity of skin. To ensure skin is kept clear of breakouts, cleansing is ESSENTIAL.I have been using the Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser. It is a make up remover, which you can use all over your skin and eyes. Believe me, it works! Like most girls, I use a hell of a lot of mascara, and this cleanser removed all of it! So I had no panda eyes! The cleanser is a really creamy consistency and with ease and simplicity, this cleanser removed my entire make up. Additionally, infused with Jojoba oil and Rose flower water, it was very calming on my skin too.


Toning the skin should be built into a skincare routine to ensure your pores are kept clear. It is essential to tone the skin once you have cleansed it, to remove any additional dirt or grime in the pores, which may later on create spots. I have been using the Cellcosmet Active Tonic and the first thing I must mention is, its gorgeous scent! A floral rose water, chamomile and an electrolytic complex, the scent is mesmerizing. What I love most about this product is that there is no alcohol, which rebalances the PH of the skin with a gentle exfoliating action.


We all know good skin comes from keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. A good moisturiser will help keep your skin looking youthful for decades to come. I have been using the Cellcosmet Juvenil Cellular Day Cream Treatment. This product not only has vitamin C and E but is also revitalising, maintaining a youthful appearance by balancing and protecting the skin from pollution. This moisturiser really did leave my skin feeling revived and plump. A product I would definitely recommend. Hydration is essential to keep your skin clear so remember to drink eight glasses of water a day too.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned in this skin care post, head to for further details.

Annie Shah x

Instagram: annieshah01

* Disclaimer *

These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, however all opinions are honest and my own.


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