Live On Air Talking Annieshahblog

Last weekend I had the most incredible opportunity being live on air talking all things annieshahblog! I had so much fun with the fantastic radio presenter Stephen Whitton.

Being live on air was certainly an experience, the studio had to be completely silent as the mic’s pick up on every little sound. Hearing my voice during the mic testing was soo weird. I thought “gosh is that what I sound like”! It definitely took some time getting used to!

I have to admit, at the very beginning I was so nervous! Being live I had to ensure I made zero mistakes. The first 10 minutes of the hour slot I was conscious of what I was saying but as the radio show went on, my nerves completed eased and I cannot express how much fun I had!

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to listen live, the link below will take you directly to the podcast. If you are having difficulties reaching the radio podcast – copy and paste the link into your browser. Simply click play! I hope you enjoy listening to me as well as Beyonce, among others.

Annie Shah x


One thought on “Live On Air Talking Annieshahblog

  1. Annie, you were a great guest and you sparked a lot of interest from our listeners too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience, radio is great isn’t it! Thank you for being a guest and I hope your blog followers listen to the download and find it interesting. Stephen.

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