Winter Skincare

Winter is the season of skincare saviours. It is important to adjust your entire skincare routine during the winter months to ensure that skin is not left dehydrated. Plummeting temperatures, icy air and indoor heating can all negatively affect the skin.

Whilst you sleep, your skin is rebuilding and rejuvenating itself. It is during this time that moisture should be restored, creating an effective hydrating barrier. Incorporating a solid night skincare regime will ensure that your skin will feel supple and hydrated in the morning. It will do the hard work whilst you rest to un-do the days’ damage.

Both serums and moisturisers are effective in combatting the dull, dry nature of the skin during the winter. The key to glowing skin is hydration. A good night cream such as the Nivea Q10 provides the perfect barrier whilst you sleep. It is extremely thick and hydrating. It has a delicate fragrance as well as anti ageing qualities.

An alternative to a thick night cream is also a rejuvenating facial oil. These are particularly effective during the colder months as they lock in moisture. If your skin type is oily, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid oil based face products. L’oreal provides an array of skincare oils that work wonders when incorporated into a skincare regime.

It is important not to dismiss an SPF moisturiser during the colder months. I use a daily moisturiser with an SPF of 50 throughout the year to protect my skin. Additionally, it is very easy to forget to apply the moisturiser all the way to the neck. The skin on the neck is extremely delicate and ages at a much faster rate than the skin on the face. Remember when applying moisturiser to apply along the entire neck and massage it into the skin in small circular motions.

Exfoliation is also essential during the winter months to ensure that all dead skin is removed, enabling glowing purified skin. This will also allow your daily skin moisturiser to seep more deeply into the skin, maintaining moisture for longer.

Finally, our lifestyle contributes heavily to the quality of our skin. Sleep, exercise and our diet all play a vital role in maintaining a glowing, angelic and clear complexion. A healthy balanced diet, eight glasses of water a day and regular exercise all benefit the skin cells.

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Aloe Vera Face Mask

Aloe Vera boasts moisturising and anti ageing qualities. The natural skin healing plant has both antioxidant as well as nutritional qualities.

There has been a real shift in the products I am willing to use on my skin, especially my face. Natural products are far better for your skin than face masks containing “extracts” of plants. Shop bought face masks contain several chemicals that can be damaging to your skin – causing break outs.

Raw aloe vera gel applied to the face can increase the collagen in the skin which can reduce ageing and increase elasticity. It is 99% water and thus extremely hydrating. This face mask will plump the skin as well as reduce dark under-eye circles.

Purchasing an aloe vera plant will enable endless and inexpensive face masks. I normally slice the aloe vera in half and rub the gel directly on my face. Another alternative is to scrape the insides of the plant out, place in a blender and apply with a face brush.

Leave the gel on for 20 minutes, wash off and apply a heavy moisturiser (preferably a night cream). An amazing, kind to skin face mask, that will have you looking hydrated and bright.

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Guerlain Beauty Favourites

Guerlain is a beauty brand that I have recently fallen in love with.  Below are some of my favourite products at the moment.

1. Terracotta Joli Teint

If you have a olive/caramel skin tone and struggle to find a subtle bronzer – this is the one for you. Not only is it the perfect blend of apricots and browns (to give you an early summer glow) it is also scented! Yes, Scented! Who doesn’t want a scented bronzer? This bronzer is buildable, so you can opt for a subtle, or slightly more contoured look. It also comes in 4 different shades!


2. Guerlain Eyeliner Pencil

If I could give an award for THE best eyeliner – this would hands down win. I always find it difficult to find super soft eyeliners as my eyes are quite sensitive and tend to water when I apply eyeliner. This eyeliner is so soft and does not irritate the inner eye at all. This eyeliner glides on effortlessly and is so blendable. I found it worked well to smoke out for a smokey eye look too. The black is the eyeliner I use everyday (Jack Black) but for a more subtle look, I opt for the brown(Jackie Brown). The blue is for when I am feeling wild (Katy Navy)!

3. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraîche

This scent is so refreshing – especially for spring. A blend of rose petals, mandarin and pistachio, this scent if gorgeous!


4. Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Care Moisturiser & Radiance Booster

As well as being a super hydrating moisturiser, this is an amazing make up base . It absorbs into the skin really quickly and has a very light feel. I have incorporated this into my daily skin routine and I am loving it.


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Valentines Inspired Beauty

Don’t wait to be treated, treat yourself this Valentines Day with some beauty must haves. Sticking with the romantic theme, these beauty products are definitely ones to add to your collection.

Firstly, the NYX soft matte lip creams are essential to your make up bag. The shades (left to right) are: Tokyo, San Paulo and Beunos Aires. San Paulo is absolutely my favourite and these lip creams last really well. Simply apply clear gloss or vaseline if you aren’t a fan of the matte lip. These shades are also great to mix for a subtle obré look.

The eyeshadow quad is by Kleancolor. I first came across the brand whilst in Barbados, a few girls there recommended it to me and I totally understand why they are hooked. The shadows are so pigmented! Dont be afraid to blend some shades of pink into your eyeshadow, when blended it can look really pretty.

This perfume is by Kim Kardashian, its called Glam (partly why I love it) and is a perfect blend of musk and florals so fits the romantic inspired beauty theme well.


My ring is by Pandora and I am O B S E S S ED with it. It is so dainty and subtle yet really catches the light. Its a heart shape so its super cute.

My make up bag is by Ted Baker and is the perfect size for on the go. Its a lovely dusky pink with a rose gold zip so I love the combo.

Thank you for reading and remember to treat yourself! Go on, you deserve it! 

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How To Kontour Like A Kardashian

What do we want?… High cheekbones …when do we want them?… NOW!

Kim Kardashian a.k.a the queen of contouring has the cheekbones, that we all want a piece of. Guess what…you can achieve them with the simple art of contouring. Contouring will help sculpt your jaw, narrow your nose and define your cheekbones.

Believe me, the art of contouring is one that can be learnt easily and can be achieved effortlessly on a budget. By using a darker shade in the hollows of the face and a lighter shade in the areas one wants to highlight, the illusion of chiselled cheeks are achieved.


I want to share with you, the best products and a few tips to help fake high cheekbones. I was “blessed” with the roundest face on earth so contouring quite literally helped change the appearance of my face shape.

After applying a face primer and a small amount of foundation, I normally start with my NYX correct, conceal and contour palette in the shade Deep. I draw a line with a small brush from the very top of under my cheekbone down to 3/4 of the way down. If you are struggling to find where to place the product just have a feel of the bone under your cheek and that will give you a guideline – everyone has this bone, even those that have been “blessed” with round faces. I use the darkest shade to do this. I then follow this step by using the second shade from the top on the left hand side from the NYX palette and draw fine lines under my eye area (aim for a triangle), on the bridge of my nose and slightly on my forehead. Also don’t forget to draw a line using the lighter shade under the dark line you have just drawn on your lower cheekbone. Now this is the fun part – BLEND!

Using a beauty blender I blend out all the lines usually starting with the lightest colour first. You literally need to blend until your arm hurts because no body likes to see the evidence – remember contouring is the art of illusion.

This next step is simply an option but if you want to go all out, for those power cheekbones, please proceed – I then continue to draw further lines with the L.A Girl PRO Conceal using the shades Dark Cocoa and Creamy Beige. Follow the same steps using less product and BLEND!


If you want a serious highlight I would also recommend using a few dabs of M.A.C Prep and Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast or the Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser in the colour nude.


If you literally want your cheekbones to look as if they could slice open someones heart – the killer contour look is finished with a powder bronzer. I really like the Sleek Contour Palette in warm. Sweep along the top of the cheekbone in the darkest shade and buff out to prevent any muddy lines on your face. You can also use the highlight in this palette on the areas your applied the lighter shade. The Elf Warm Bronzer is also an effective powder bronzer.


Now, if that much blending tires you out and you want a more subtle everyday contour, you can opt for just powder bronzer, which is a lot more natural looking. Additionally, using a foundation is a slightly darker shade in the areas you want to chisel and a shade slightly lighter in the areas you want to highlight works really well too. I would recommend the 24 Hour Revlon Colour Stay because it lasts all day and is an SPF 15 – remember its important to protect your skin in both summer and winter.


Contouring isn’t for everyone but I personally love it – so have a try and you might end up loving it too!

Mastered contouring?  – look out for the next blog post on strobing!

Happy Contouring and thanks for reading!

Annie Shah X

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My Skincare Routine ft. Cellcosmet

Everyone identifies with good skincare. I have realised the importance of a disciplined skin care routine. Investing in luxury products for your skin are quite simple a necessity. A good base is a good start. In my opinion, make-up is an extension of a good skincare regime. Your make up will look flawless if you have clear, healthy and glowing skin! So I thought I would share my skin care routine with you below:


Pollution as well as living fast paced lives can contribute severely to the clarity of skin. To ensure skin is kept clear of breakouts, cleansing is ESSENTIAL.I have been using the Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser. It is a make up remover, which you can use all over your skin and eyes. Believe me, it works! Like most girls, I use a hell of a lot of mascara, and this cleanser removed all of it! So I had no panda eyes! The cleanser is a really creamy consistency and with ease and simplicity, this cleanser removed my entire make up. Additionally, infused with Jojoba oil and Rose flower water, it was very calming on my skin too.


Toning the skin should be built into a skincare routine to ensure your pores are kept clear. It is essential to tone the skin once you have cleansed it, to remove any additional dirt or grime in the pores, which may later on create spots. I have been using the Cellcosmet Active Tonic and the first thing I must mention is, its gorgeous scent! A floral rose water, chamomile and an electrolytic complex, the scent is mesmerizing. What I love most about this product is that there is no alcohol, which rebalances the PH of the skin with a gentle exfoliating action.


We all know good skin comes from keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. A good moisturiser will help keep your skin looking youthful for decades to come. I have been using the Cellcosmet Juvenil Cellular Day Cream Treatment. This product not only has vitamin C and E but is also revitalising, maintaining a youthful appearance by balancing and protecting the skin from pollution. This moisturiser really did leave my skin feeling revived and plump. A product I would definitely recommend. Hydration is essential to keep your skin clear so remember to drink eight glasses of water a day too.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned in this skin care post, head to for further details.

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These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, however all opinions are honest and my own.