Aloe Vera Face Mask

Aloe Vera boasts moisturising and anti ageing qualities. The natural skin healing plant has both antioxidant as well as nutritional qualities.

There has been a real shift in the products I am willing to use on my skin, especially my face. Natural products are far better for your skin than face masks containing “extracts” of plants. Shop bought face masks contain several chemicals that can be damaging to your skin – causing break outs.

Raw aloe vera gel applied to the face can increase the collagen in the skin which can reduce ageing and increase elasticity. It is 99% water and thus extremely hydrating. This face mask will plump the skin as well as reduce dark under-eye circles.

Purchasing an aloe vera plant will enable endless and inexpensive face masks. I normally slice the aloe vera in half and rub the gel directly on my face. Another alternative is to scrape the insides of the plant out, place in a blender and apply with a face brush.

Leave the gel on for 20 minutes, wash off and apply a heavy moisturiser (preferably a night cream). An amazing, kind to skin face mask, that will have you looking hydrated and bright.

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Annie Shah X

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Strobing Secrets

Strobing/Highlighting is a 2016 beauty trend that continues to evolve. Highlighting enhances certain features/areas of the face as the glow/shimmer reflects light, giving you a dewy, luminous and youthful glow.

I am a huge fan of highlighting and wanted to share some products that I have been particularly impressed with. Strobing is the new ‘hot topic’ in beauty, but it is important to know where to apply the highlight. Below are a list of areas that will benefit from a little highlight:

– Under the brow bone to define and lift the brow

– On the very top of the cheekbones to help define them

– On the bridge of the nose to slim and lift

– On the inner corner of the eyes to make them appear larger

– Just above the cupids bow to emphasise your pout

It is important to use highlighters that match your skin tone and to invest in a good fan brush when using powders.

I am a fan of both liquid based and powder highlighters. For a more subtle look I opt for a liquid and dab it on with either my fingers (the ring finger is the most gentle, so when dabbing around the eye, I use this finger) or a small beauty blender to ensure I have control and direction as to where I apply it.


The Sleek Barekissed Illumiantor (Monaco), NYX Born to Glow Illuinator (Sunbeam) & Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow (Champagne) are by far my favourite liquid highlighters. The nossles are small, so you can stay in control of how much you want to apply and they blend super evenly into the skin. They are also build-able, so you can opt for a subtle, or a dramatic look.


If I want a more dramatic highlight I opt for liquid as a base and using my fan brush, I apply a powder highlight on top. When choosing a more dramatic highlight look, try to build the product on little by little to ensure you remain in control of the product. In terms of powder highlighters I would recommend the Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter (Iridescent Gold).

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR Gel Cream Shadow works well as a highlighter – I use the colour 05 – Eternal Gold and it lasts all day.


The Sleek Highlighting Palette – Precious Metals is a quad of three liquid highlighters and one powder highlighter. I prefer the liquid highlighters in this palette as opposed to the powder as they show up more. This palette is a great buy for a combination of tones and the chrome packaging is very pretty too.

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Annie Shah X

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How To Kontour Like A Kardashian

What do we want?… High cheekbones …when do we want them?… NOW!

Kim Kardashian a.k.a the queen of contouring has the cheekbones, that we all want a piece of. Guess what…you can achieve them with the simple art of contouring. Contouring will help sculpt your jaw, narrow your nose and define your cheekbones.

Believe me, the art of contouring is one that can be learnt easily and can be achieved effortlessly on a budget. By using a darker shade in the hollows of the face and a lighter shade in the areas one wants to highlight, the illusion of chiselled cheeks are achieved.


I want to share with you, the best products and a few tips to help fake high cheekbones. I was “blessed” with the roundest face on earth so contouring quite literally helped change the appearance of my face shape.

After applying a face primer and a small amount of foundation, I normally start with my NYX correct, conceal and contour palette in the shade Deep. I draw a line with a small brush from the very top of under my cheekbone down to 3/4 of the way down. If you are struggling to find where to place the product just have a feel of the bone under your cheek and that will give you a guideline – everyone has this bone, even those that have been “blessed” with round faces. I use the darkest shade to do this. I then follow this step by using the second shade from the top on the left hand side from the NYX palette and draw fine lines under my eye area (aim for a triangle), on the bridge of my nose and slightly on my forehead. Also don’t forget to draw a line using the lighter shade under the dark line you have just drawn on your lower cheekbone. Now this is the fun part – BLEND!

Using a beauty blender I blend out all the lines usually starting with the lightest colour first. You literally need to blend until your arm hurts because no body likes to see the evidence – remember contouring is the art of illusion.

This next step is simply an option but if you want to go all out, for those power cheekbones, please proceed – I then continue to draw further lines with the L.A Girl PRO Conceal using the shades Dark Cocoa and Creamy Beige. Follow the same steps using less product and BLEND!


If you want a serious highlight I would also recommend using a few dabs of M.A.C Prep and Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast or the Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser in the colour nude.


If you literally want your cheekbones to look as if they could slice open someones heart – the killer contour look is finished with a powder bronzer. I really like the Sleek Contour Palette in warm. Sweep along the top of the cheekbone in the darkest shade and buff out to prevent any muddy lines on your face. You can also use the highlight in this palette on the areas your applied the lighter shade. The Elf Warm Bronzer is also an effective powder bronzer.


Now, if that much blending tires you out and you want a more subtle everyday contour, you can opt for just powder bronzer, which is a lot more natural looking. Additionally, using a foundation is a slightly darker shade in the areas you want to chisel and a shade slightly lighter in the areas you want to highlight works really well too. I would recommend the 24 Hour Revlon Colour Stay because it lasts all day and is an SPF 15 – remember its important to protect your skin in both summer and winter.


Contouring isn’t for everyone but I personally love it – so have a try and you might end up loving it too!

Mastered contouring?  – look out for the next blog post on strobing!

Happy Contouring and thanks for reading!

Annie Shah X

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