Valentines Inspired Beauty

Don’t wait to be treated, treat yourself this Valentines Day with some beauty must haves. Sticking with the romantic theme, these beauty products are definitely ones to add to your collection.

Firstly, the NYX soft matte lip creams are essential to your make up bag. The shades (left to right) are: Tokyo, San Paulo and Beunos Aires. San Paulo is absolutely my favourite and these lip creams last really well. Simply apply clear gloss or vaseline if you aren’t a fan of the matte lip. These shades are also great to mix for a subtle obré look.

The eyeshadow quad is by Kleancolor. I first came across the brand whilst in Barbados, a few girls there recommended it to me and I totally understand why they are hooked. The shadows are so pigmented! Dont be afraid to blend some shades of pink into your eyeshadow, when blended it can look really pretty.

This perfume is by Kim Kardashian, its called Glam (partly why I love it) and is a perfect blend of musk and florals so fits the romantic inspired beauty theme well.


My ring is by Pandora and I am O B S E S S ED with it. It is so dainty and subtle yet really catches the light. Its a heart shape so its super cute.

My make up bag is by Ted Baker and is the perfect size for on the go. Its a lovely dusky pink with a rose gold zip so I love the combo.

Thank you for reading and remember to treat yourself! Go on, you deserve it! 

Annie Shah x

Instagram: annieshah01


Are Primers Just A Fad? Do Primers Really Work?

Eyeshadow and I don’t tend to stick together unless a primer keeps the peace. My eyeshadow will have disappeared from the very surface of my eyelid unless I have a good primer. I made it my mission to find primers that work and I must share the good news, I have found a few and would like to share them with you. I searched endlessly for primers that actually work and came across a few that most definitely did not, so this blog post is dedicated to both eyeshadow and foundation primers.

Lets begin on a positive. The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (original) is the best invention since sliced bread. This primer does exactly what it is supposed to do. It quite literally solved all my problems. A tiny dab on each eye, let it dry for a moment and apply your eyeshadow as normal. This primer will keep your eyeshadow in tact for the entire day and evening! Girls, if you start a night out with eyeshadow and end the night with none to be seen on your eyelids, this is the product that you need. So if you want flawless eyeshadow day and night, that is creaseless and stays put, buy this primer.

On my journey to find the perfect eyedshadow primer, I came across some that didn’t do the job unfortunately. The E.L.F eyelid primer (7501 Sheer) failed to keep my eyeshadow and I together. Within an hour of application my eyeshadow was already seeping into my eyelid creases and within 3 hours my eyeshadow had left me forever. The primer is a drugstore find, so the price is cheaper but this was reflected in quality. It just did not work for me.


The B.Fixed Long-wear Eyeshadow Primer also failed to keep my eyeshadow and I in matrimony. This primer is from Superdrug’s own range but again within a few hours of application, my eyeshadow had faded, smudged and creased. Yet again, another broken eyeshadow – eyelid relationship.


Foundation primers in recent years have been marketed as a MUST. I only started using foundation primers about 8 months ago, but with the right primer you really can notice the difference. I don’t feel that foundation primers are quite as essential to my life as eyeshadow primers are, but they do add to that flawless look everyone aspires to.

Again lets start with the best. The L’oreal Paris Lumi Magique Base – Pure light primer is AMAZING. Used under foundation it really does give you a radiant glow. It is fantastic and can be used on all skin tones. Another wow factor – it can be used as a highlighter. Simply dab onto cheekbones and under the brow (the areas which one naturally wants to draw attention to). It is a product I would definitely recommend and keeps foundation looking dewy and luminous all day.


The Elemis Pro-Radiance Flash Balm can be used as a primer over your moisturiser. As this product can be used as a light moisturiser in itself, I felt it failed on the primer front. However, it did work well as an everyday moisturiser.


The GOSH Foundation Primer (Classic) did not work for me. The consistency just did not appeal to me in the slightest. Marketed as a ‘Velvet Touch Foundation Primer’ the consistency on my skin was hard for me to blend. I personally would not purchase this again.


The Malibu Face Cream (factor 50) is a duplicate of a fantastic primer. I have used this as my foundation primer for 4 months now and it always delivers. It is non whitening, photo-stable (a must, obviously) and is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Beauticians always state the importance of using an SPF cream on a daily basis so this product not only protects your skin but works as a brilliant primer. Flawless looking foundation without having to spend a fortune!


Annie Shah x

Instagram: annieshah01